100 Songs For 100 Pokémon

by Jacob Norman Chainsaw-Arm & Friends

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I really love pokémon and I am on a mission to write a song for each one. Here are the first 100 I have completed!

One goal of this project is to have every song be distinct from each other so I hope the sense of variety shines through in this album. Some tracks are pristinely produced "pop" songs while others may be intimate folk tunes or even rocking punk jams. Hopefully this album has a song (and pokemon) which really grabs you.

If you'd like to keep up with my progress feel free to go to:

I recommend listening to this album in order or on shuffle or to create playlists of themes in the album you may enjoy. Let me know if you have a unique way of listening to this album!


released March 28, 2016

Many amazing musicians and friends are featured on this album. For details about who plays what on each song, please look at the individual song credits.

Aaron Arws (aerext) - 062, 071, 125, 360
Adam Weiner - 144, 272
Amber Schrum - 093, 144, 175, 272, 353, 425, 701
Amelia Galgon - 093, 175
Andres Recalde -337, 467
Bill Granfield - 302
Brolin Xavier (kavi) - 062, 337, 304, 407, 427, 467
Brian Perry - 228
Celia Fung - 015, 039, 228
Chan Benicki (Porch Cat) - 197
Cody Egan (Faux Possum) - 038, 062, 076, 302, 321
Cyrus Nasseri (Split/Mind) - 038, 062, 076, 125, 137, 233, 474
Dan Messina - 282, 359, 407
Darien Hester - 701
Emily Heckman - 228
Es - 101, 179
Grace Davies (genteeloctopus) - 101, 128, 179, 255, 277
Nick Wuebben (Just Nick) - 075
Joe Newman (saxyjoe) - 352
Jon Dillen - 015, 039, 228
Justin Jacobs - 272
Matt Gordon - 144, 272
Paul Makl - 125, 406
Riley DeHority (Empty Disco) - 197
Talia Dunyak - 093, 175, 272, 353, 425
Tyler Wang (Twang) - 015, 039, 043, 093, 109, 128, 175, 217, 255, 277, 494, 701
Will Rufe (Great/Plain)- 002, 044, 192, 228, 321, 334, 337, 416, 434, 441, 459, 467, 489, 512, 546, 613

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Jacob Norman Chainsaw-Arm Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Ukulele-centric punk-folk / bedroom pop.

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Track Name: 001 Bulbasaur
Bulbasaur, you’re the first one I adore. You’re not the worst and well it’s the start.
So many to choose, and oh they began with you. You’re that good kinda poison. I think you’re so smart!
Track Name: 002 Ivysaur
I smell something sweet, it's incomplete.
I am gaining energy, it's free.

Grab it from the sun.
It's good for everyone.
But if you want some more
Too bad, 'cause it's all for ivysaur.

I gotta leave my room, shed my costume.
I am sprouting so soon. Gonna enter my bloom.

Give me time.
I'll get big if I try.
And just to clarify
I won't, no I won't stay a small fry.
Track Name: 004 Charmander
Charmander, I will love you forever. I want to be your commander. I’ll protect your tail from harm.
When we’re together I think that you’re my favorite member and then, well I remember your eyes filled with charm.
With your bright and flaming tail.
I picked you first to my avail.
And now I’ve grown to learn.
The more you level up, the more XP you earn.
Charmander, I want to be your commander. I will love you forever and protect you from harm.
Track Name: 008 Wartortle
I’m going to war tomorrow.
I’m going to war today.
I’m ready for the end of my sorrow.
Winged ears lead to victory I say.
I’m ready for longevity.
I’m ready to live.
I’m covered in algae.
My heart sinks as I learn to swim.
Don’t withdrawal now I think that I might like you.
You’re stirring a torrent in my head.
I can’t sleep tonight. It’s half past two-o-clock.
You can find me on the sea’s bed.
I’m ready for longevity
I’m ready to live. To live forever.
I’m covered in algae.
It’s true that life is better off lived.
Track Name: 010 Caterpie
Caterpie you’re the one for me. You got sticky feet as anyone can see.
Track Name: 015 Beedrill
You stung me once and now I’m in pain.
You stung me twice and now I’m poisoned.
You stung me three times and now I can’t feel!
You stung me four times!
You stung me once and now I’m in pain.
You stung me twice. You stung me in the heart.
You stung me three times and it tore off my face!
You stung me four fucking times!
I am chilling. I am feeling. I am drilling. I am a villain! Oh yeah? Oh yeah. Oh yeah.
Track Name: 038 Ninetails
Woah~ ninetails.
Fiery and yet you’re pale.
Regal but you’re not stale. You’re nine tails. Oh nine tails
Woah~ ninetails.
I’m hot on your trail.
I wanna catch you and I won’t fail. Oh Ninetails.
I wanna warm up with you..
Track Name: 039 Jigglypuff
It’s time to sleep. It’s half past noon. I’ve got two eyes as big as the moon.
I like your friends. I like your face. I like you all with such grace.
I like the swirl inside of your hair. It’s pink and it’s lovely. I think that you care about all my dreams. I think that you like me at least that’s what it seems.
Track Name: 041 Zubat
I know you’re upset to see me again
But don’t blame it on me if we hang out in the same places.
I’m screeching supersonic. I’m leeching life wherever I can.
I heard you’re all upon it. No need to see where I am.
I’m no vampire!
I’m no one fear!
I’m so bad that I’m sure you aspire
To run away from me again my dear.
I’m told that I’m a dime a dozen. As common as can be
But that don’t mean that I don’t have feelings. Just because I can’t see
That don’t mean I can’t get around. Can’t you see I found you?
Maybe since you don’t appreciate me, I should belong in a zoo.
I’m no vampire!
I’m no one fear!
I’m so bad but I’m sure you aspire
To run away from me again my dear.
Track Name: 043 Oddish
You're an odd little oddish
You're a strange my friend
You're my rad little radish
And so we will go to the end

You're not quite normal
Perhaps you are aye freak
The soil is your portal
And I should think before I speak

You're an odd little oddish
You're a strange my friend
You're my rad little radish
And so we will go to the end
Track Name: 044 Gloom
Poison is dripping out of my mouth.
Reeks so foul, it’s no wounder you don’t want me around.
I’m leaking all over from my hair to my toes
No one loves me so I’ll sit in my garden alone

I have no roots here.
So long to my perfume career.

When I’m relaxed I release gas.
Even when I’m happy I release gas.
When I’m sad I release gas.
I got no class.
Track Name: 053 Persian
I hear you purring on my favorite rug.
I am pouring all of my love
onto that gem of yours.
I am stirring a pot full of stew
Filled with fishies and milky goo
It’s all for you
You’re my lap cat.
Regal as I pat you.
On your head, it’s time for bed.
I hope that you like me too.
Track Name: 056 Mankey
You’re quick to anger, you little fur ball.
So much energy considering you’re less than two feet tall.
You steal hats.
It’s a matter of fact.
You’ll thrash ‘till your through.
Oooh~ you monkey thing you.
Oooh~ you got a vital spirit too.
You steal hats.
It’s a matter of fact.
You’ll thrash 'till your through.
Track Name: 062 Poliwrath
You got a swirl for a bellybutton or maybe that’s your mouth.
I’m not sure about your anatomy. I don’t know what it’s about
With water fists and glaring eyes I think you make my dreams come true.
Either way I think you know what’s going on. I think that you can make it all happen.
Track Name: 071 Victreebell
I may seem notorious. Gaping mouths are full of sin.
We will be victorious. Nothing can stop us once we begin.
I’m gonna bite you with my poison leafs. I’m gonna fight you if you don’t leave.
I don’t mean to be so aggressive but it’s the only way I know how to live.
Ooooh ooooh oooh victory for you.
Ooooh ooooh oooh victory for me.
Track Name: 075 Graveler
I wrap my arms tightly
around this body
of uneven stones
that form a makeshift monolith
as I throw myself off of the cliff

A self destructive nature
governs over me
I am free,
I am uncaring
I am an expert on
The Sisyphean geology
But man that's not even a thing

So on my own,
I'm all that I can be
I'm the ground at your feet
I'm the dirt on the road

On my own,
I'll always be
The ground at your feet
The dirt on the road
They call this road, victory
Track Name: 076 Golem
Golem you rock.
Golem I want to give you some socks.
It’s cold in that cave.
Sharp rocks block the way.
You don’t even know your strength
So how can you get out alive?
Track Name: 080 Slowbro
I’m your brother and I know I’m not that smart
But hell I’m older and I think that’s a start.
I know that when you grow old
You’ll remember the things you’ve been told
By those wiser than you thought you knew.
But intelligence there are multiple intelligence, it’s true.
Track Name: 082 Magneton
Sunspots are flaring up now. I am your radio boy.
Earaches are popping up. I would hide if you’re feeling coy.
I’ll produce offset harmonics
To destroy all of your electronics.
1, 2, 3 now we’re me don’t stay beside me now.
I draw you close, you’re my opposite. You fill me with such wow.
We’ll produce offset harmonics
To destroy all of electronics.
Track Name: 087 Dewgong
Dewgong, where are you going?
I thought I lost you, obscured from my sight.
So long, I bet I’ll miss you
When you dive into the milky blue covered in white.
Track Name: 093 Haunter
Sometimes you’re the haunter sometimes you’re the haunted.
Sometimes you’re the haunter sometimes you’re the haunted.
Sometimes you’re the haunter sometimes you’re the haunted.
Sometimes you’re the haunter sometimes you’re left to be forgotten.
Track Name: 101 Electrode
If you touch me then…
Track Name: 104 Cubone
We all die alone if we’re lucky
Or we live to die near somebody.
I’m happy that you loved me.
I don’t think that you’d forgive me
But now you live with me.
You protect me from the elements.
Keep my scalp safe from aliments.
I don’t think that I could’ve saved you.
Deep down, in the ground. I will take my cue.
I was born to be like you.
Track Name: 122 Mr. Mime
You don’t hear me. I don’t make a sound.
But it’s not real, everything that surrounds.
So trust me, see me, I’m not lonely.
I’m somebody’s favorite pokemon. I think I have to be.
So don’t shed a tear for the fears of clown, I’m thinking someday you will keep me around.
I’m happy you’re happy with your pikachu. You just have to trust me, I’m happy for you~
Track Name: 125 Electabuzz
With yellow fists like thunder and nubby ears, aw yea.
He’s cool and striped like a tiger. He’s an electric man.
Track Name: 128 Tauros
You got horns. You will use them. I am scared of you.
Filled with rage, bursting and unbridled. I am very scared of you.
I am running for my life.
I am desperate. This is not a fight - It’s a massacre!
*stampeding solo*
Track Name: 131 Lapras
I am scared, that since I’ve never seen you in the wild that maybe you don’t exist.
I’m not crazy. It’s a reasonable assumption to make but you know that I’d be sad if I thought this
Was my destiny to perish without your song. I’ve waited for so damn long that I know I’m scared at the thought that I’m giving in
To the reality that you may be fake I’ve been searching throughout this lake for so long.
I la la la la…
I love you.
Track Name: 132 Ditto
Track Name: 133 Eevee
So many possibilities
And yet you see the best in me.
I can be anything you want me to be.
Grass, water, ice, or even electricity~
Track Name: 137 Porygon
Quack quack. My name is porygon
And don't you worry, 'mon because I am just like you.
Mostly organic, supplemented programmatic, believe me I'm ecstatic.
I'm flashing red and blue (ooh ohh)
Track Name: 144 Articuno
When he met you he was so bold.
Now he has to face the sheer cold.
He was climbing no one beside him.
He was born to climb alone.
He set out to reach the peak
Yet all he found was a mouthful of beak.
Was it a vision wrapped in a cloak?
Would anyone believe this poor bloke?
Track Name: 162 Furret
You make your nest with your long skinny body.
You’re just one tail but I won’t tell nobody.
When I’m feeling down is when you curl around.
You can slickly squirm into any hole in the ground.
Track Name: 169 Crobat
You fly so quietly…
You barely have any feet left so how do you expect to land?
You only got wings well damn they’re only good for one thing and now you can’t lend a hand.
You fly so quietly…
Track Name: 175 Togepi
Sunny-side up
Never enough
You’re my little darling, baby egg
Geometric sprinkles
Oh so many colors
And I know that you’re my lover
Track Name: 179 Mareep
Do androids dream of electric sheep?
And if they do what secrets do they keep?
With fleece made of zeros, and horns made of ones,
Mary’s little lamb story is never ever done.
Track Name: 190 Aipom
Won’t you give me a high five?
I’m your monkey boy.
You’re my Betty-bye.
Oh baby, won’t you lend me a hand?
I only got one but I think you understand.
Track Name: 192 Sunflora
You are so pretty with those petals in the air.
I see you wave them up and down like well, you don’t even have a care.
Smiling in the sunshine well I’m happy that you’re free.
You chase that sunlight every day and night. Well not the night because it’s not sunlight then.
Oh you’re so happy. Oh you’re so bright!
You’re yellow and you’re cool. Some would even call you tight.
You’re so smiley and you’re so green. You’re so perfect and well I hope that I’m not being mean.
I think you’re great.
Track Name: 197 Umbreon
It's hard sometimes to remember our start, but it seems that lately you've grown so dark.
Soaked in the moonlight, you sometimes still glow and I recall the gentleness that you often can show.

Lunar auras help me out
Give me that strength that I heard you're about.
There's power in silence, but I find it hard to wait.
And my energy is waning so let's cooperate.

You say please be gentle, I try and I try, but my eyes have turned red from a long night of crying.
The daylight is too bright and it fills me with dread
Cause I feel like I’ve got a target on my head

Lunar auras help me out
Give me that strength that I heard you're about.
There's power in silence, but I find it hard to wait.
And my energy is waning so let's cooperate.
Track Name: 201 Unown
Track Name: 217 Ursarang
I think that I smell something hiding beneath my nose.
What it is exactly I’m not sure. Hell, maybe nobody knows.
Won’t you please share with me?
Won’t you please share with me?
I think you’ve got a picnic basket. Well, I hope that that’s true.
I think that maybe someday that you could meet someone new.
Won’t you please share with me?
Oh damn please. Honey is made with bees.
Track Name: 222 Corsola
Oooh~ I just keep shedding and shedding.
Oooh~ I just keep growing and growing.
My head is precious. Your heart should let this last.
Love you to the corsola x2
Track Name: 228 Houndour
You’re a dog. You’re a dark dog.
Go ride a shark, dog.
You can bark, dog.
I’ll take you to the park, dog.
Play darts, dog!
You’re a dog. You’re a dark dog.
You’re full of snark, dog.
You left your mark, dog.
Firey, but not a hot dog.
Go make some sparks, dog!
Track Name: 233 Porygon2
New and improved.
I am flying.
Track Name: 248 Tyranitar
Mountains don’t mean shit to me. x4
When I rumble they all fall down.
I know that you don’t trust my face and I say, “Why would you ever?”
Sand is pouring out of my pours and I think it will go on forever.
Mountains don’t mean shit to me x4
When I rumble they all crumble then they fall.
Track Name: 251 Celebi
Wandering through space and time.
I'm worrying about those left behind.
I'm looking forward. I see peace.
I certainly think that's the place for me.

I make flourish. I make you squeal.
I make you happy. That's my appeal.
Let's make it back home. I know you're scared.
I brought you presents to show I cared.
Track Name: 255 Torchic
Following me with your unsteady steps.
Give you a hug, put your down coat to the test
You got a warmth inside of your belly.
Little chick, waddling round your stomach filled with jelly.
Track Name: 272 Ludicolo
You know I’m dishing out the pain when I’m in the rain.
Tengo dolor en mi alma
This sunny weather certainly has gotten me insane.
Vente y bailes conmigo.
If you’re getting thirsty please drink from my sugar cane vein.
Debajo de mi sombrero.
Sorry if you’re tired but please just catch my giga drain.
Te quiero dar puñalazo.
That was spicy.
Track Name: 277 Swellow
I got two tails to share with you today
Clean my glossy wings and they’ll be dirt free every day.
Before we met the skies were cold and gray
Two birds without a care. I know that it’s a cliché.
Track Name: 280 Ralts
With horns growing down underneath of skin I think I know how you feel.
With bangs covering most of my eyes I think I can see the appeal of where you are.
Track Name: 292 Shedinja
Track Name: 296 Makuhita
Makuhita! You’re gonna beat ‘em to a pulp oh yeah!
You got knotted hair, guts to spare.
You throw your body into trees.
You’ve trained for many possibilities.
You’re like a punching bag except you would never sag.
Track Name: 302 Sableye
In my dark box I'm seeing rocks
Eat them too, they're good for you
Reflect them, protect them, make them into stew
Track Name: 304 Aron
I know that you’re hungry but why you gotta ruin my commute?
I know that you’re thirsty but you don’t drink the ocean now do you?
I guess that’s just my luck. This is the train I took.
But you nibbled away at my car and well, this doesn’t look good.
Track Name: 309 Electrike
You got a disc for a brain. I think that it’s slowly driving me insane.
Your thoughts are filled with binary. It makes it so hard for me to carry out a single conversation. I think this will soon lead to my sedation.
Track Name: 327 Spinda
I am so clumsy I think that I drop everything, so please don’t hand me your baby. I’m scared that I’ll drop her onto an atomic bomb and everyone around me will think, “Gosh darn this kid is such a wimp. I’m glad that I don’t act a bit like him.”
Track Name: 330 Flygon
It’s a pity that while I can levitate I’m really not the flying type.
I think it’s silly that while your outraged I’m confused, I’m not afraid I just don’t like to fight.
I-I-I-I am so far gone.
I-I-I-I am your flygon.
Track Name: 334 Altaria
Embrace me with your wings. It’s so splendid.
Graceful clouds are billowing. A soft friendship.
Track Name: 337 Lunatone
Stone noes goes. I think that you know how it goes.
I come from somewhere else. I think that you might know.
The meteorite will sing, “I am coming home soon.”
Track Name: 340 Whiscash
Your mustache will help you have a whale of a time.
With such a goofy expression I wonder with whom you’d dine.
I know that you’re not picky. You’ll eat anything that moves.
Your initials are scrawled all over the fridge but what does that prove?
Next to nothing gets by you.
Next to nothing has to do
With your 3 mile radius. I know earthquakes are scary but tell me this.
What do you think can come of this? And wouldn’t you
Rather sleep the days away? Live in peace or boredom some would say.
I don’t think that you got much to say. Do you?
Track Name: 344 Claydol
My origins are a mystery. Get off my case.
I’m not looking at you. That’s just my face.
Track Name: 353 Shuppet
I feed off anger. I feed off pain.
I feed off envy. You know that sometimes it’s all the same.
I am inside of every single one of your rooms.
I’ll hide in the awning while you’re yawning. I’m waiting to unleash abuse.
I’m waiting inside of your room.
I’m waiting inside of your roof.
I’m waiting. Oh oh oh
I’ll hide forever. Oh oh oh
Don’t leave me crying Oh oh oh
I am not lying.
Track Name: 356 Dusclops
Don’t look at me unless you want your soul to be stolen!
Track Name: 359 Absol
A thunderstorm is coming soon I think that you should get out too. I really Like you. I want you to be safe.
I never meant to bring you doom. I only thought I could help you. I am so sorry. This isn’t why I came.
Track Name: 360 Wynaut
I got no good reason not to take you out.
You always wanted to be free so you can run about. You can run about. You can run about. You can run abou-ou-ou-ou-ou-out.
Stay true to yourself now. Don’t second guess a thing.
If you do well then I am listening.
“Hey Jacob.”
“Yeah, Aaron?”
“I’ve always loved guitar, but slide whistle is my true passion.”
“Really? No way.”
“Yeah could I take a solo for a time?”
“Uh, let me think about that… WHY NOT?”
Track Name: 406 Budew
Shine a little sunlight and I will open up for you.
You’re my green rosebud and I think I know what you want me to do.
Got a little smiling face between two leaves
And I think that you do not want me to leave.
Track Name: 416 Vespiquen
I make grubs do my bidding. I’m a big queen, I ain’t kidding!
Track Name: 425 Drifloon
Oh look a pretty balloon!
Why don’t I go and grab you?
Oh wait, now I’m flying away
Drifting to the clouds.
Now I’m dead.
Track Name: 427 Buneary
Hop along now you got places to be and both your ears are rolled up.
I wish that you would listen to me but all my favors have been used up.
Track Name: 434 Stunky
No one likes the man who smells like poop.
Everyone flees when I’m near. It is so consistent it can not be a fluke.
Even though I look cute, it is hard to dispute, I’m unpleasant to be around.
My odor is atrocious, so even though I am precocious, no friends have I ever found.
Track Name: 441 Bastiodon
There are a couple of options tonight I don't oppose.
One of them is on the tip of my tongue but I will let you propose.
If you want me come and get me. I am the ground beneath your toes.
The moon is falling, your heart is racing and you suppose I know that you will not go home alone.

And if you ever thought you loved me please say yes.
I can't forget how you looked in that golden dress.
Either way I think you're pretty when you're not.
So won't you be my Bastiodon?

I don't think you dream about me when you're sleeping.
Our schedules do not align but that's not the only thing that's keeping
us apart, you know Descartes was never that great at safekeeping.
Anyway, to this day my chest is still beating. So I'm not leaving.

And if you ever thought you loved me please say yes.
I can't forget how you looked in that golden dress.
Either way you think I'm happy when I'm not.
So won't you be my Bastiodon?

I would never want to burn you...

And if ever you think you'll love me please say yes.
I can't forget how you smelled in that wedding dress
Either way you call me silly when I'm not.
So won't you stay my Bastiodon.
Track Name: 446 Munchlax
I’m so hungry. I’m so hungry. I think that I’m starving.
Won’t you please give me a snack?
Now I may be a baby but my appetite is making me unstable.
Let us stay on track.
I’m hiding food for later in my hair.
Gulp it down without a care.
Track Name: 459 Snover
Snover please don’t say that it’s over. I wish that you’d come over so we can talk this out.
I didn’t know her and now that it is colder let’s get some berry yogurt to help calm your doubts.
Following in your footsteps, I tried but now I have regrets.
Let’s go and wait for the snow.
Track Name: 467 Magmortar
3,600 degrees.
I think that you might know what I mean.
I shoot cannon balls from my arm. x4
Track Name: 471 Glaceon
I am so cold when I’m around you.
You have great control about you.
You make those diamond dust flurries
You cause the needles in the air.
Track Name: 479 Rotom
I feel like I cannot trust you
With anything I own.
I know they're cheap but so are we
And frankly this isn't my home.

You're possessive, excessive, aggressive, obsessive, this mess is too much for me.
I want to wash it or heat it but I can never beat it, you're my biggest fan but oh you can't see.
I need my space. I need my stuff. I need your face to go away and oh you must please stop pestering me.
Track Name: 489 Phione
It’s impressive that while you are a baby
You can still help and guard the sea.
I float with you in warm waters.
We drift back to where we are conceived.
Track Name: 494 Victini
Follow me to victory. I have infinite power.
Follow me only time will beat us out as long as we’re together.
V-Create a beautiful future.
Track Name: 512 Simisage
Heed my tail. I did not heed his.
One prick in the bottom was all that it did.
That certainly did ruin my day.
Had I done it again well I just would have thrown it all away.
Three pointed afro!
Three pointed afro!
Track Name: 526 Gigalith
You got those glowing crystals.
They help you become one bright and shining rock.
I think that if you’d help me
That you’d have so much to absorb that we could talk about a lot.
I think that you are more than just a rock.
Track Name: 546 Cottonee
I mistook you for a cloud.
You gave me the old turn around.
You’re heaviest in the rain.
No need to explain.
Track Name: 563 Cofagrigus
You tried to rob me of my riches
But instead you scratched me and not where it itches.
King Tut never had any real friend.
He just sat alone in his cave and thought about the end.
He ate his gold nuggets and he sat alone in peace.
He said, “Well if my mommy was a mummy then I guess I’ll go in peace.”
Track Name: 569 Garbodor
If you want some garbage well you’re in luck!
Yeah if you want some garbage, yeah you’re in luck!
I’m the garbage man and I’m coming for your stuff.
I’m the garbage man and I’m sorry mom if that’s not enough!
Track Name: 594 Alomomola
Alomomola alomomolA
Track Name: 599 Klink
I'm just a cog in your machine.
I'll help you keep moving but I'm useless on my own,
Can't you see, I just keep turning.
Track Name: 613 Cubchoo
Blow your nose. You got a sticky icicle falling out.
Living at the poles. You must be cold now you tiny cub scout.
Here’s some cough syrup which is made from European kelp.
Here’s a tissue, baby. Can you use it? Maybe it will help.
Track Name: 664 Scatterbug
Oooh oooh ooh
Oooh oooh ooh
Oooh oooh ooh ooh ooh
Oooh oooh ooh
Oooh oooh ooh
Oooh oooh ooh ooh ooh
Where was I going with this?
Track Name: 698 Amaura
I’m cold.
I’m old.
There was a little mold on my fossil.
I’m ancient.
My body is 100 million years old.
Let’s go sailing.
I was born when I was sailing
Track Name: 700 Sylveon
Wrapped in a ribbon. I am present for you to touch.
You are forgiven. Frankly, you’ve done enough.
I know that you’re hyper active. Well, I am too.
Hidden in pixels, I expect to find you.
Covered in sparkles. You’re shiny when you’re blue
I lost my marbles. I could never forget you.
I know that you’ve got a disarming voice.
I want one too.
Hidden in pixels, I expect to find you.
Track Name: 701 Hawlucha
Fighting in the air
It's hard to know who you are but I don't care
About your secret identity
But I would say it's as simple as can be
That your flying press
Is bound to impress
All the other fighters
You're better than the rest
I mean you can fly
Track Name: 702 Dedenne
Dedededede you’re dead to to me x2
I’m not a knock off x4
Dedededede you’re dead to to me x2
I’m not a knock off x4
I got big cheeks anyone can see x2
So I’m not a knock off. x3
I don’t think I can learn knock off.
Track Name: 704 Goomy
You’re the weakest of your kind
You live in shade most of the time.
Kind of slimy. Made of goo
You’re one gross slug, yet I still love you~
Track Name: 708 Phantump
I’m lost in the woods and I’m getting real cold.
Thank god I’m a kid this could kill me if I were old.
It’s hard to grow up when life’s not yet won
But don’t go complaining when you’re forever young.
I’m told that I’m rotten, spoiled and done.
I’m sorry to my family if I ever tried to have fun.
They say life is hard, I say death is hard too.
When you’re a kid no matter what you can’t know what anyone wants you to do.
Track Name: 710 Pumpkaboo
Trick or treat. You know that we all got places that we would rather be.
I am also trapped here.
Trick or treat. You bet that if I were you well I would flee.
This is what you should fear.